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Welcome to KEEE Radio!  You've just found the most unique station for music on the Internet!  Lucky you!  Click on the "Listen Now" button to hear the show! This station plays only the kind of stuff our listeners ask for, thanks to the world famous "KEEE Guarantee" which is:  Make a song request, and if we've got the CD, it'll play on the very next show!  The best part is, if you've happened to catch us broadcasting live, we'll read your letter and play your song RIGHT NOW!  How sweet is that?

While you're listening to the show, be sure to check out the KEEE Waste of Space section below for all kinds of crap created by the maniacs that run the KEEE Web Radio station. 

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Welcome to the Waste of Space.  This is where we put needless links to stuff. I updated the Waste with a few random pictures in June 2005.  Judging by the frequency it gets new content, it truly is "a waste of space"



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