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Station Bio

Over the last few years, internet Radio has become one of the most popular ways to listen to music on your PC. With nothing but a computer and a modem you can be connected to radio stations across the world, both big and small. The following is a story of one of the small ones. KEEE Web Radio started in 1996 in Port Angeles WA, by it's founder and the current DJ you know and hate. "The Key" was first broadcast August 17th, 1996 over a 28.8 modem off a personal web page. The broadcast was less than 5 minutes long and contained one song. As our following slowly grew (and technology advanced) we began to do longer shows, based more on listener requests. Since then, KEEE Radio has moved to Seattle WA, and become an ALL request web radio station. We now broadcast in a better stereo quality, and our shows have been known to go on for hours. We have also become a LIVE broadcast, and encourage people to interact with the DJs as much as they like. Our motto of playing nearly any song request we receive has made us one of the most versatile and fun stations on the web or anywhere. Luckily for the listeners of the KEEE, when we're not live, you are now able to fast forward through the songs in the show you don't like....and rewind and repeat the ones you do.

About the DJ

Josh currently lives in Bellevue, WA with his fiancée, where he puts out a new "KEEE" broadcasts every few weeks. Sometimes it's more frequent, but usually it can take at least a week for a new show to pop up.  You can of course increase that speed by making lots of song requests. Josh enjoys doing the radio show as a hobby but also has a real job and a social life, which keep him busy the rest of the time. You can email him, or any of the other DJs at dj@keee.com 

About the Co-Hosts

We've been known to have more than a few co-hosts on the show. Most often,
(and most confusingly) back in the 90's there were two people name John that helped Josh out with
his hosting duties. John S. has guest hosted on KEEE on and off since it's creation
back in 1996. John M. came to the station and helped us
out on the airwaves from 1999-2000. The guy who still brings us all the big hits from up
and coming Seattle bands is Andrew. You can check out his music website from
the links page. Most shows today are hosted by Josh, with the occasional guest host from time to time.

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