The lined us up at 730am to march into the convention center and take the 501st picture

All of the following pictures were taken by me while in armor. This was tough to do

Stormtroopers as far as the eye can see

A friendly trooper was kind enough to take my picture from time to time. Here's one.

We got into two lines resembling single file before heading in

The Scouts take a break during our long, LONG wait

Finally, nearly 30 minutes after leaving the Hyatt, we begin to file in to the Fan Exhibit hall (X-Wing room)

All these TIE Pilots and no fighters in site.

Where's our scale model TIE Fighter Lucasfilm?

The good pictures were taken from ladders. I don't have copies yet, but I will

The TDs begin to march in

Scouts come in carrying a banner with all the 501st patches on it

Not sure which one of these Biker Scouts is Greg, but one of them is

The snowtroopers finally make it in (Heather is in there somewhere)

Garth and his Heather are in here too I think

The two Tie Pilots came in on scooters.

AT ST drivers fall in

Looks like those Kamino cloners were working overtime

Friends and family of the Empire were allowed into the picture later

These sand people were most certainly not walking in Single file to hide their numbers

Finally, the officers. Anyone want to play where's Depot?

There he is! If you found him, you get a gold sticker.

Tired? Who me?

More Vaders than you'll ever need

Captain Typho himself shows up in costume to pose with us. That was unbelievably cool and the 501st members in the front that saw cheered him on.

Tim walked around lining us up army style for another 30 minutes or so. This part is always the worst, but hopefully it will pay off

For some cool reason, they were letting people into the X-Wing for pictures. Too bad I couldn't pull a quick change

Kenny Baker shows up to sign the X-Wing

I jump in for a quick pic with him, his wife and the Sith

What do all these troopers have in common?

Anyone care to guess?

If you guessed "They're all female" you win another gold sticker.

There were a LOT more girl troopers there, but they apparently aren't as good at being organized as us fellas. ;-)

GT and one trooper from Ohio pose with the Darkside Ride

And...the Vader Viper

This Arc from Canada Garrison had great armor (even if he was a little small for it). Looked awesome up close

The evil one, and the Emperor.

We finally got to see some of the Con on Sunday, starting with the Lucasfilm Exhibit. They rushed us through, so my pictures may not be that great

Actual Episode 3 Vader costume

Real model of Mustafar

Anakin, Padme and Obi Wan robes

This AT TE model was awesome

For scale (And no, I still didn't need a nap)

Heather grabbed my camera and went back for some detailed shots since they rushed me through too quickly

Saber props from all of the movies. I could have stared at these for 10 minutes, but I only had seconds before I had to move along

The Falcon was by far the most impressive model I have ever seen

I didn't have time to read the labels on these, but they looked a lot more futuristic than Chewie's regular bowcaster

Ep3 Wookiee costumes

Notice the people around this thing in order to appreciate how HUGE it is. It's bigger than our kitchen table.

I wanted to take Yoda home to Seattle with me. (I think he would fit in my armor bin)

By the time I got to the Star Destroyer, they were really pushing us to move faster, so I didn't get a great shot

This was an awesome model. These pictures don't do it justice. I'm sure 1000 other people got better ones you can find online

I only had time to snap some drive by pics of the blasters. Didn't even get to see what they were

If Hasbro ever makes a 12" Scale ship, this is the one I want. Notice the Lee Majors action figure inside taking the place of Ben Kenobi

I also wanted to take this Sandcrawler home. Maybe I'll hire Oceans 11 to come back for it for me

I believe I have this Chewie pictured before, but he put the flocking on his fur so I had to take another one

Heather really liked the Taun Tuan's smiling face. I think she's weird.

Too bad I didn't have my armor on for this picture

The Lego Booth was one of the most amazing things in the Exhibit hall. It really makes me want to hang my ships up when I get home

This Ep3 ship was the most impressive Lego creation I have seen in my life. It was gigantic. HUGE. It took them 4 weeks to build it

Heather immediately tried to take it apart so we could bring it home.

There were doors that opened with figures inside

The engines

The doors on the other side

I couldn't get a shot inside the thing (the flash washed it out) but there were a ton of figures inside. Including Jar Jar. Does that mean he's in EP3

No custom pieces whatsoever were used. This is all stuff you can buy, and if you were a yourself at home

If anyone wants to buy me a good Christmas present, how about 40 or 50 sets of Star Wars legos so I can start building one of these of my own

I even crawled underneath the thing to take a picture of this hangar bay, which was big enough for a ship or two

By 2pm on Sunday, dealers (Scalpers) had adjusted the prices they were buying the con exclusives for and the prices they were selling their toys for

This of course, is when I went shopping. I paid less than half retail value for almost every single thing I bought. It was awesome.

John and I break open the boxes of all the Ultraramas I bought for 20 bucks each. I'm going to use them to build the Death Star in my collection room

I start reading to see how hard this will be to put together

Ultraramas are awesome diorama display cases, perfectly colored to make a death star. I've wanted some of these for over 3 years.

At 20 bucks a pop for each set (a set is two full shelves) I had to get them.

Lisa called us not 30 minutes after the con was over. The Darkside Ride was ready to depart for Seattle

I believe that Sithster would be a Tetris champ, as she fit all of these bins, suitcases and her con purchases into this car

The pilots of the Darkside Ride leave for Seattle!

I can't think them enough for the help transporting armor for us GT members. You guys are awesome!

This would be the last costumed folks I'd see for the day. The one on the right is Tuan We. All she needs is about 8 more feet of neck....

Somehow, I made this entire mess fit into 1 suitcase and 2 armor bins to check onto the plane.

My ultrarama boxes (in the end, I bought 4 sets)

We decide that for the last night of the con, a real evening out is absolutely neccessary.

On the way home, we see this person dressed as a rabbit. It was a pretty good costume, but I think he needed a carrot to really make it work.