After 9 straight hours working the line outside, the first George Lucas show begins.

Some people have been waiting for over 12 hours to see George Lucas. Everyone forgets how tired they are

I was able to watch the entire first show before I had to go outside and usher in the 2nd show

I then stayed outside lining up the 3rd show while the 2nd one was going on, then went in for the third show when we had loaded everyone in

Over 9000 people got to see this (even folks who didn't camp out all night). It was awesome to see.

This first show was filled with all the guys that had made tents out of tarps, jackets out of garbage bags, and gloves out of socks.

The line had moved so many times to different locations, but most everyone was still really good natured about it, despite the craziness of it all.

Finally, during the third show I got off my seat and took a seat in an empty chair in the front right row.

George let this half an hour Q&A go for over an hour. It was the best Q&A of the con. We found out all sorts of stuff.

New Indy movie, Young Indy DVDs, Willow TV show, Clone Wars computer animation 30 minute show and a live action show may all be in the works.

Lucas also said he likes the 501st and that we should have our own marching band. If only he had seen our group photo and how right he was.

A kid asks George if his Dad is right and "Are stormtroopers really the good guys?"

George says "Yes, they just work for a very bad man". :-)

The No flash rule made it extremely difficult to get good pictures, but I was spending more time watching than shooting

It's crazy, but just being in this room made the 11 hours I worked that day all worth it.

Besides, who needs sleep anyway? It's overrated.

I only wish more of my friends could have made it into the third show when we were letting even non-ticket holders in, but they wouldn't let me call.

Finally after over an hour, Lucas says goodbye and the crowd gives a huge Standing O.

We lead the crowd out, section by section as we did in each presentation

Have to clear the room for Billy Dee Williams (who I did not stay to see)


Instead, I went to the hotel to finally get two hours of sleep. Once there, I fell asleep within minutes.

Ran into these two officers on the way.

And these mini Jedis who were ready to fight


After a 2 hour nap, I have my first food in over 24 hours. This of course does not count a piece of pepperoni I stole from Heather's pizza.

Even though it was only "Fridays", this steak was one of the best tasting meals I have had in a long time. Starving will do that to you.


Have you ever been so hungry, you took pictures of your food like it was a supermodel? No? Ok....nevermind.

At this point, even the slogans on the Friday's mints fascinated me

After lunch, I was ready for more Rebel Pilot trooping. I met up with some familiar characters....

And some unfamiliar ones with very cool eyes

I missed the big Mynock Squadron photo (I was sleeping) but Jason stayed around to take these

The Darkside Ride that transported 2 bins of costumes for Heather, Greg, Brandon and I. Thanks again Lisa!

If God is reading this web page, please let me win this

Or, if the Devil is reading this page and is interested in dealing for a soul.....

The praying worked. God made a compromise and let me sit in the car.

Maybe if I win this, I can join Road Squadron....

We could race!

(I don't think Red 5 would stand a chance, but you never know what other modifications they might have made to it)

Tarful stands in for Chewie.

Some things, you just can't get enough pictures of. ;-)

Aren't you a little short for a.....oh, nevermind.

The Seattle Cobra Unit prepares to invade the Celebration 3 masquerade

For some reason, the guys really liked our new Baroness

Elvis Trooper. The King lives on

Luke? Leia?

Cobra Commander gives the orders.....for another drink. Looks like the Baroness doesn't need one. :-)

Nick Gillard came up and asked US for a picture. We were thrilled!

These two Fetts were part of a large group of Mandalorians partying at the Celebration at C3

And here are the rest of them

These mini hunters aren't too little to realize they should get a picture with these ladies

No words for this one...

For some reason the guys really liked letting Heather beat them up.

There's a joke here somewhere.

Heather and Beth

Baroness and the Leias

Pedro offers you his protection

Cobra Commander meets up with the pilot of Red 5

A lightsaber fight breaks out


Bubba Fett

Though these pictures may not prove it, there were at least two people at this party that did not ask for a picture with the Baroness.

This guy had an awesome costume (that won prizes at C2 and Rebelscum)

A little Sith, his Sithster and the troops

Ice cream maker guy!!!

He was traveling with Pink Five

2 Padmes, Leia and the Baroness

The Commander & Captain pose with the Baroness

There were two Chrome Stormtroopers there!

We dropped off Julie at the Embassy suites

Jason, Julie, Badger, Bethany and Greg's room. Aptly known as Mynock Base.

Heather and I walked home in the snow. I had to get a couple more pictures of her costume to add to the 300998 that we took that night.