Members of the "Mynock Squad"

This was the first part of Friday morning

All the hard work on these costumes finally comes to fruition

The Rebel Legion Group Photo.

A Jedi decides to propose to his Mandalorian girlfriend on the steps

She seemed pretty happy

She says yes....whew!

We feel ready to take on the Empire (and lose)

This is a security golf cart car turned EU snowspeeder

Cool green clone (cloned from someone other than Jango Fett apparently)

This Ewok later worked line duty as a volunteer

Heather was assigned the task of bagging up Vader figures in the Celebration 3 store as her volunteer duty

She spent her hours filling orders as Depot, RPGreg and Myself worked the crowd control in our Rebel Pilot gear.

The audience at the Episode 3 Spectacular (McCallum shows off 10 minutes of unreleased footage!)

No pictures allowed in here of course. I did not violate that rule....(but wished I could have)

Julie from the Real World was there for some reason. That was cool...

Warwick Davis hosts the costume contest. The majority of my pictures are terrible due to no flash, but I'll post them anyway


This girl was so funny. Her parents taught her how to "Work the runway" and she spun around like a little top.

The reader for this costume accidentally introduced the child Aurra Sing's father as her "Mom". The crowd loved that.

The first of many Obi Wans

This guy's costume was awesome, right down to the 12 back and DT saber. (Collectors know)

By far, my favorite of the night (next to the Winner).

An Ewok Tie Pilot of some kind. I didn't get it either, but he had a great EU story (as did many of the more bizarre costumes of the night).

Not a bad Clone Obi Wan

Another one of the dozens of Padmes. Lots of them were really good.

This Shmi was great at doing the poses from the movie and looked a lot like her character

Best Han of the con. I have more pictures with him by the X-Wing later.

I only got one picture of this guy that had to follow the awesome Han. He had a great costume, but they put him on back to back with the other Han.

Awesome Grievous

This guy was incredible (moved pretty freely)

He released his other two arms halfway through the presentation which drew huge applause

Great Asaaj

Darth Maul's body was recovered and fitted with robotic legs, this being the result. :-)

I really liked this Dooku

One of three Carnor Jax type guards we saw

This Grievous moved just like the one in the Ep3 previews (but looked more unrealistic)

EU something or other

Clone cartoon Padme

This Padme was awesome. She was a costume winner from Japan

One of two Taun Tauns in the show. The other was so big he couldn't make it on stage. Both needed outrigging just to move

C3-PX Assassination Droid. Why send a Fett when you send the very best?

Another costume from Japan, this guy's reader was very funny. He worked for months on this.

Eventually, he lost so much weight working on it that he fit into it.

This guy looked sort of like a cross between a chicken and the guard he was supposed to be

Warwick did not have the reader for this guy, so he walked out and improvised. It was hilarious.

Eventually he found the reader, which was not nearly as funny.

The judges

the little Leia wins a prize

As do the two mini pilots

2nd and 3rd place prize winners continue

The final four from each category (kids, heroes, Padme and Outworlders) wait for an applause vote

There was also a creature category. He had a hard time getting back on stage.

The winner?


The top two

The arm extend thing was super cool up close

Gotta love the creativity of this guy

Kenny and Heather

The line for the Fan Film awards

As we were going into the awards it began to rain. Hard.

Lightning and thunder filled the skies of Indy. It was about 10pm

Starting at 12am, I would be out in this weather, controlling the Lucas line until 8am. I have no pictures of this, the rain never let up long enough

More Fan Film lines

Lines like this were typical of C3 and could be seen for every event.

Volunteers (like me) tried our best to run them, but it was beyond control in most cases. They were as good as they could be

At last, the awards!

After all the awards were given out, we headed back to the hotel. I slept from 10pm to midnight, then went out to the line.

The line was in the thousands (despite the freezing rain and wind) by midnight and got longer until 8am when they let people in

This would be the longest part of the con.....and would begin Day 4.