Jason the pizza man

Chest box plate progress

Helmets glued together

Trying to straighten out the TB mask...

Bowling ball makes a great substitute for mannequin head

Velcro on TK needs some serious work

Stuff is falling right off

The mess that is my TK armor

All of this velcro needs to come off

Tools of the trade

After Goo Gone is applied, armor needs to be washed

I never do the dishes, but washing armor? Sure.

Cobra troopers on the ground

Armor packing list being typed up

Chest box switches gluing

Commpad painting begins

Pilot helmet grey coat completed

Badger puts on the blue trim

Bethany's Red Helmet

My helmet (notice the beautiful masking job)

Badger starts on my green trim

Skittle Squad?

The amazing two headed cat

Helmets coming along...

Commpads done (4 days to go!)

This cool cat didn't help us at all

This cool cat helped us a lot

More painting of the helmets on Monday

2nd coat on the green (dropped) helmet

Mynock Squad is born!

Black End caps

Grey end cap

Badger sanding the rest of the end caps down

Heather's Fleet Admiral logo in progress

End caps completed

1st failed attempt at foam

Blue Admiral buttons

Red admiral buttons

Bethany and Julie

Greg and Jason

Tomorrow the tape comes off!

Hillary and Badger

Carrot Top