After getting only 4 hours of sleep, we were on the flight to Indy

Self portrait of Josh and Heather on the plane

The 5 of us (John, Elizabeth, Heather, Chris and I) shared a Limo Van to get to the hotel (9 bucks a head)

More than enough bags and bins between us

Our friendly driver and baggage handler with Hoosier Limousines unloads our, Van.

The Courtyard Marriott had their lobby all decked out with Star Wars decorations....

Complete with Costumed Employees! (She works here)

So do these bathrobe wearin Jedi checking Chris and I in

"We do not need to see your identification, wait, yes we do."

The first wave of the Seattle C3 posse arrives

Our rooms are right across the hall

We have the crap view

John has the Pimp View

This was taken from the steps of the convention center. That's our hotel in the background. Not a bad walk for 50 bucks a night.

Registration is open for business at 6pm!

Why look who we ran into!

Behold the shocker

Heather gets right to work getting our armor in order

That's what I call a trooper

The 501st commander's meeting at "RAM" (providing 50% off the menu for any 501st member in armor all week!)

Tim lays down the law

This is the only picture we took of my table all night (I was the only GT member there)

Some troops taking advantage of those 50% off prices already! (Sirloin steak only 6 bucks, and it was not bad!)

Almost midnight, Heather's ready to catch some sleep before the first day of the con tomorrow.

I meanwhile, must uphold my promise to update this site as often as possible. I am still awake, so it's still possible.

Nicely ironed costumes just waiting to be worn

Nicely organized armor just waiting to be put on, only 6 hours here and the room is already a sty.

I wonder does my armor know that just a few hours from now...C3 BEGINS!