This is line for the con as of about 6am this morning

Not nearly as bad as I had thought, about 1000 people. Maybe 2000 at most. Of course, it's raining.

Took this picture after I got done with my morning jog around a few blocks of hotels (scoping out the lines). Getting ready for some breakfast.

The line as of about 8am

First two people I happened to see in costume

The line from our hotel at 9am or so

John's kickass Fiberglass helmet next to my POS.

John, Greg, Heather and I with a really cool Chewbacca

Look Beth, it's Garrison Titan!

Lining up for the parade

501st parade

We stopped traffic for blocks

Wonderful helmet hair pic

Greg wanted this shot because it was clever

Quite an impressive sight...troops as far as you could see

That's Heather on the bottom right

From the parade to the Gentle Giant line

And a long line it was

Another C3 exclusive, Biker Scout and Snowtrooper 2 pack

Shortly after these pictures were taken

We shot and ate these giant candies

Cool female tusken

A very cute mini-Leia

2pm, back to the room to get out of armor

Only a little battle damage this morning. Some hot glue will fix this. CLAMP CLAMP!


All the spoils so far....

I got 4 Vaders, and both Sandtroopers I wanted. Yes! Now lunch time and then back to the con.