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These instructions are designed for someone who has never EVER been here before.  All you pros out there can read them, just to have a giggle. 

UPDATE!!! As of January 3rd, 2002.....KEEE Web Radio has changed Formats!!! We are now broadcasting in Windows Media Audio!  So if you've listened to KEEE via Real Audio all this time, and now you're having trouble....read on to learn how to listen from now on! 

Listening to the Show.

1. From the main Page, click on TODAY'S BROADCAST.  This will take you to the  Today's Broadcast page.   Click on LISTEN NOW!  If you have Windows Media Player, your player opens, and the show begins.  If not...move on to the next step.

2.  Ok, if you are getting any errors playing the show, you'll need Windows Media Player.  Go Get it!  Here is the web page address.   http://www.windowsmedia.com You can click on this address (It's called a link) You'll be transported to the Windows Media website, where you can download the FREE Windows Media player.  Just click on the picture that says "Get the free player".  The picture looks like this:



Just click on the picture once you get to the site, and follow the instructions to install Windows Media Player on your PC. If you do not know how to do this, call your Internet Service provider.  They'll be happy to tell you how, and if they don't, just threaten to cancel your account and THEN they WILL be happy to tell you how.

Making a Song Request.

1.  From the main Page, click on   MAKE A SONG REQUEST.  Then Fill out the form by typing in the empty white boxes.  If your can't get your cursor in the empty white box of your choice, try clicking inside the box with your mouse.  If you don't know how to do that, call your Internet Service provider.  They'll be happy to tell you how, and if they don't, just threaten to cancel your account and THEN they WILL be happy to tell you how.

2.  Once you have filled out the form (Be sure to include your name and something in the email address form, because if you don't, the form will be rejected) push the SEND IT TO "KEEE" button.  Your request will be sent to KEEE RADIO and if we have the song, it will play on the very next show.

That's it!  Easy instructions, huh?



Here are some of the questions people ask all the time, and the answers to them.

Q: What does F.A.Q stand for?

A:  Frequently Asked Questions, dumbass.   See how cool this section is?  Not your average F.A.Q now is it?


Q: "How do I listen to the show?"

A:  Well, we have some handy dandy instructions about 12 inches up from here.  Use that little up arrow on your keyboard and you'll run into them in no time.


Q: "Does listening to KEEE cost me anything?"

A: Only if you believe the old saying that "time is money".


Q: "How does your station make any money?"

A:  It DOESN'T.  That's why you never see or hear any advertisements.  This is a hobby and that is the ONLY reason that I do this show. No commercials. No ads on the site. This is a labor of love.  I'd love to do it for a living, but since I already have a career, I do this here for free.....


Q: "Is the show live?"

A: The show you're listening to Right NOW?  Most likely, no.  However, it is RECORDED live every night (No pausing, no editing) and so, if you stop by the site a lot (usually weeknights anytime between 9pm-11pm Pacific time is when I do it), there's always a chance you'll catch the show LIVE!!  When that happens, you can TOTALLY control what we play by sending us song requests AS WE RECORD and Broadcast!  Just like "real" radio! Except we play everything and anything.

 After we're done.... then the show is uploaded to the web for your listening pleasure within 30 minutes after it is done.  So, if you go to the "Today's show" page right now and it tells you WHEN the show was broadcast last, that's the last time we went live.  If it says we're live NOW....well, you figure it out.  =)


Q:  "Do you think you are a real DJ or something?"

A: Not especially, but the interwebs allow me to pretend that I am for fun from time to time.. 


Q: "Why don't you play Country?"

A: My parents were not related.


Q: "What's your favorite___(Insert Question here)_________?"

A:  Hmmmm...personal questions?   Ok....those, you can email to me directly at  dj@keee.com

In fact, if you have any further questions at all....you can email dj@keee.com and I'll do my best to answer them!  Now go have fun listening to the show!


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