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This is truly a Waste......of SPACE! I don't think I've updated this page since I created it back in 2002.  So, I decided that 3 years is long enough.  I bring you without further delay....an update for 2005, with completely useless content.


 If you have something new you want on this part of the page in 2005.....you have to send it in. As always....there are no limits, it just has to interest the DJ and I'll put it on this part of the website. Send a weird picture you took, along with a description, a link to a favorite website of yours....and if I like it too, I'll post it here.

In the meantime, all these little tidbits are yours to peruse.

First of all, here are some pictures I took of Weird Al Yankovic in a couple of concerts he did last year. Front row seats make for great pics!


I'm always talking about my Star Wars obsession on the air, but I've never really posted any pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites from different conventions I've been to. 

Have you ever seen a Stormtrooper bust a move? Now you have. The entire 501st legion. I'm in there somewhere. One of my favorite pics from Celebration 3 One from Comic Con last year.

I got this score over at www.shockwave.com

I'm pretty sure no one will EVER beat this Joust score...but if you ever do it, you email me the picture as proof and let me know.

upyourbuttjoeboo[1].JPG (76736 bytes)


This link has been here since 2001.  I'm never taking it down, because it's just cool. Have you met "The Man"? Dixies is my favorite BBQ spot in the state of WA. It used to be an auto garage, but the owner turned it into a BBQ restaurant.   Check out the video made by a few fans of Dixie's here. 

Click HERE for The MAN video!




KEEE Web Radio Waste of SPACEC

Click on the images to see the larger versions


Here's a picture taken after a Rib Eating contest yours truly was in with fellow KEEE DJ John back in 2003 . Can you believe I think I ate almost a whole cow that night.


Ribs.jpg (55239 bytes)

This next one is the Crowd at a Subset Concert a few years ago.  There are 2 KEEE Web Radio DJs in there, can you find us?

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