The Online Interactive Birthday and Christmas List Version 3.0

List received it's final update January 4th, 2008.  Wont' be updated again until Version 4 in November.  :-)

Observe the giant list of cool things that I'm interested in. Clicking on each one will open up a new window that'll take you right to the website to buy it.

Curious which ones I like the best? Then scroll all the way to the bottom where I have them listed in some sort of an order.

Warning...this page will take forever to load, so for those without broadband, scroll down to see the text list.


 Once you've found one you like, just click on it's picture above to be linked to the website to order it.  Confused about which is which?  Move your mouse over each picture for a description of the item which matches it with it's description below.


Awesome gifts under 10 bucks!

Non Star Wars Related things (listed somewhat in order of preference).


Video Games:



Star Wars Related things (kind of listed in order of preference, even though some stuff is harder to find than others):


Most Expensive gifts.  Great for big groups to chip in on. :-)