Thursday, March 22, 2007

Great haul this morning

Today was one of those excellent days, the kind of day you wish and hope for as a Star Wars collector.

I rolled out of bed around 8:40am this morning, had some weird oatmeal that Heather made last night and watched the news. I decided I'd be hitting Toys R Us this morning, so I took my time as I showered, shaved and hit the bank on my way over there.

Arrived at about 3 minutes until store opening, Chris was already there. We walked in (being sure to let the parent with the kid who was also there go in first). Walked to the Star Wars aisle and boom...they had almost the entire 30th anniversary wave on the pegs.

Chris and I started picking out a set, another collector came along and said "Are we sharing?". We said "Sure, you take that side, we'll take this side". Three grown men picked apart the shelves, making sure we each got a full set. Two moms walked up....and (probably assuming these were "hot toys" or something) joined in the hunt too. One said she was buying for a kid, so we pointed her towards the R2-D2 and Battle Droid figures. Kids love R2.

I managed to get one of each of the figures, except for one that was never put out there to begin with. I wanted extra clones, but the guy we didn't know got them I settled for one. I'm sure I'll find more later. I also found a couple of Wave 9 clones (everyone was ignoring the wave 9 stuff until I started picking through it).

Including the Wave 9 clones I found, I spent 99 bucks in total, but I'm all caught up to current day, except for one figure. The new ones come out Saturday.

Tomorrow....Sideshow Leia goes on sale!


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